Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

We demand that our employees, contractor and visitors promote and maintain occupation health and safety to prevent injury or illness amongst our employees, contractors, customers, visitors and the general community.

Due diligence is required by all employees and contracts.  GC Civil has established and implement a WHS Management System, and all projects undertaken by GC Civil is in accordance with this document and a Site Specific Safety Management Plan.

GC Civil regularly undertake:

  • Safety Inductions

  • Employee Training

  • First Aid Training

  • Consultation

  • Risk and Hazard assessments

GC Civil enjoy a performance record with no serious accidents / injury or any WHS / WorkCover infringements.

We regularly conduct Site Safety Inspections and Site Safety Audits on our projects

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Our company’s Quality Management System has been approved by Transport & Main Roads (TfNSW) for implementation on Minor and Major TfNSW Projects. It includes Inspection & Test Plans (ITP’s) and Quality Control Checklists to ensure compliance with AS and TfNSW specifications on our projects.

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Environmental due diligence is required of every employee.   GC Civil are aware of and respect the environment in which we work.  We comply with statutory requirements, and our staffs endeavour to prevent all spills, waste or environmental damage. 

We undertake to:

  • Keep plant and equipment regularly serviced and maintained to ensure low emissions

  • Keep our worksites clean of waste

  • Use recycled products where possible

  • Sort construction debri for disposal at recycling facilities

  • Keep roads clean from silt and mud

  • Erect erosion and sedimentation controls

GC Civil has established an Environmental Management System and we implement an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan (ESCP) on our projects.

GC Civil enjoy a performance record with no serious accidents / spills or any Environmental / EPA infringements.

We regularly conduct Site Environmental Inspections and Site Environmental Audits on our projects.

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Industrial Relations

GC Civil is based on a family structure with two generations involved on our business.

GC Civil enjoys harmonious relations with our employees, and we have never been subject to industrial action.  Federal award conditions underlie minimum standards for our employees.

GC Civil has established an Industrial Relations Management Plan (IRMP) to assist in the management of our human resources. GC Civil enjoys a harmonious relationship with its employees and contractors. 

GC Civil management have a commitment to invest time and money to train our employees, as we believe them to be our greatest asset.