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Project: Spring Farm Town Centre 

Asset Owner: Urban Growth NSW

Wall Type: Combination of Concrete Precast Panel and Lightweight Concrete AAC Panel Acoustic Wall

Scope: The decorative Acoustic Wall is set at the Spring Farm Town Centre, adjacent to new residential house lots and opposite the new Woolworths. The Acoustic Wall tree pattern design resembles the surrounding environment incorporating modern art and ties in with the new Spring Farm development.     

Project Details: 

  • Wall height totals 3m and wall length is 650m.
  • Each panel features patterns, which create a picture of tree design.
  • Precast concrete patterned panels are hand painted vibrant and interesting colours.
  • The pattern painted onto the Lightweight Concrete AAC Panels which aren't patterned was achieved by use of stencils, and painted in situ, on site. 

Thanks, best acoustic walls in town!

Clients Manager