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Project: Warner Woolworths Caltex Service Station, QLD

Asset Owner: Caltex  

Wall Type: Lightweight Aerated Concrete (AAC) Panel Noise Wall, plywood, colourbond sheet, and acrylic panels to prevent noise barrier overshadowing on adjacent residential properties

Scope:  Design, construct and paint Noise Wall to lower noise emissions from service station.

Project Details:

  • 100m long and 2m-4m high with a construction period of 2 weeks.
  • Hot dipped galvanised Steel posts with welded base plates were fastened to a concrete hob using M20 hold down bolts, set with high strength adhesive. Lightweight concrete panels were placed alng the base, with upper panels being a combination of plywood and acrylic. GC Civil’s proprietary aluminium framing system was used for the acrylic to provide wind resistance and allow functionality of the mix-and-match design. Colourbond sheets were also fixed to some of the plywood.
  • Council design guidelines requested a combination of 4 (four) different materials to be incorporated in the panel construction. This was easily achieved, and provided a very interesting and appealing noise barrier!