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Project: Thirroul Beach Seawall

Asset Owner: Wollongong City Council

Wall Type: Sandstone Boulder Wall

Scope: The new seawall was required due to the poorly retained southern end of Thirroul Beach which had an eroded bank and broken concrete and other deposited material washed up from ocean activity, and the solution to the dilapidated situation of the beach and bank was to remove existing area and reconstruct the beach and creek and construct a nested boulder seawall. 

Project Details: 

  • Project situated in environmentally sensitive location
  • Waterways to be maintained and protected & measures put in place to ensure no contamination
  • Excavate existing dumped concrete and remove asbestos contaminated rubble
  • Install sandstone boulder rocks to retain and prevent erosion, and to form the seawall
  • Construct sandstone stairs from reserve area down to beach
  • Lay turf and disestablish