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Project: Nepean Transmission Substation

Asset Owner: Endeavour Energy

Wall Type: Concrete Precast Panel

Scope: The decorative Acoustic Wall is set around the perimeter of the large transmission substation at Spring Farm, in proximity to the Urban Growth East Village residential development. The Acoustic Wall greatly lessens noise generated from the transmission substation, provides security and protection from unauthorised persons entering and is visibly aesthetic.     

Project Details: 

  • Wall height totals 5m and wall length is 210m.
  • Each panel features patterns, which create a picture of tree, clouds, sky, meadows design.
  • Challenging construction process working in high voltage environment with overhead utilities to work around whilst installing the posts and panels. 

Extremely impressed by GC's professional approach to delivering our acoustic wall on time at Spring Farm, particularly given the difficult and dangerous nature of the task. We thoroughly enjoyed working with your team and would have no hesitations in recommending you for further works. 

Client's Development Director